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Salsa dancing in Birmingham

If you are learning to dance salsa in Birmingham you will have a variety of salsa dance classes to choose from everyday of the week and during the weekend. The regular salsa classes in Birmingham can be found on Broad Street on Tuesday and Thursday at the Beerkeler. On Wednesday the the Cuban Revolution for Cuban style salsa. These nights offer dance classes followed by a couple of hours of salsa social dancing.

Salsa classes in Birmingham

Where can you find salsa classes in Birmingham? The easiest way to find salsa classes in Birmingham is by doing a map search on google and find the dance schools in your area. The dance schools would usually list the dance classes they teach on google maps or on their google my business page.

Salsa for Students

If you are a student you will find salsa classes at all the main Birmingham universities. University of Birmingham (UoB), Birmingham City University (BCU) and Aston University all have dance societies and latin american dance groups where you can learn to dance salsa at least once a week.

Dance Schools

You will find salsa classes in most dance studios and dance schools. The dance exchange, the dance workshop cafe and broadway dance centre all offer salsa lessons for adults during the evening.

Salsa Parties

Dance companies such as Latin Motion, Salsa Addicts, Salsa Fabulous, UK Salsa Feet and Havana Salsa offer a wide variety of salsa lessons during the week and parties on Friday and Saturday. At these salsa parties you can expect a mixture of different dance classes including  Kizomba, Bachata and sometimes Cha cha cha and Mambo on2 and Cuban salsa and Reggaeton. Occasionally at these salsa parties there are dance shows and live bands performing. There is normally an increased entrance fee if there is a salsa performance of salsa dancing or live music. Entry prices can range between £7 and £12 depending on the organiser and the venue hosting the event.

Salsa events

Once a year their is a big outdoor latin american festival in Birmingham. This event is held outside and normally takes place in the Arcadian in the Chinese Quarter of Birmingham city centre. Its is one of the biggest Latin Festivals outside of London where over 1000 attend during the day.

Salsa dancing in Birmingham

In the middle of the 90s Birmingham saw a boom in salsa dancing by the mid 2000s dance styles such as Reggaeton, Zumba, Kizomba, and Bachatas become more popular and now there are nights in Birmingham dedicated solely to these dance styles. Reggaeton dance music since  2018 to 2020 has been at the top of the latin music charts and attracted more young people to latin dance music. In 2019 Afro beats dance music is taking over the charts and is influencing latin music and dance.

Health Benefits of Salsa Dancing

First and foremost, salsa dancing is a fun social dance which allows people to freely express themselves to salsa music. This freedom of expression promotes a release of feel good hormones called endorphins which help reduce stress. Stress is one of modern societies biggest causes of a shortened life. Anything that helps you reduce stress can also help counter long term illnesses.

Salsa dancing can help people lose weight because the dance is done to relatively fast music. Salsa music is normally performed at between 160 and 220 beats per minute (bpm) which makes it one of the fastest  styles of popular music to dance to. The average salsa song is about 4 minutes long, this translates into between 700 and 1000 steps during 1 salsa song depending on the length of the song. In 1 hour of salsa dancing, depending on the persons metabolic rate, a person could burn between 300 and 500 calories. The best thing about this benefit is that salsa is so much fun that you don’t realise you are exercising. The music and the atmosphere of the dance class or the salsa night makes you forget how much your body is working out.

So what is happening to your body when you are dancing salsa Physically and Mentally?

Mental Health Benefits

- You are listening and reacting to music -You are connecting with other people and building social connections - You are learning about a different culture music and rhythms. Endorphins and serotonin which make you feel good and creates a positive mood as well as helping relieve anxiety and reducing depression.

Physical Health Benefits

- You are exercising your heart - You are toning all the muscles of your body especially the mid section, abs and obliques - You are strengthening your bones - You are stretching your muscles and tendons thereby improving your flexibility - You are improving your coordination and mind body connection, agility and reaction response time.

These above mentioned are skills which according to a study from Stanford University can help reduce chances of developing alzheimers, dementia, cognitive decline and illness related to ageing.

Salsa classes and events

Special Events include Cuban Films at the Mac Birmingham

Watch a Cuban or Latin Film at the Mac Birmingham

Live Latin Cuban music at the Mac Birmingham

Join us for live music and dancing at the Mac. Latin music and dance.

Dance in Birmingham

Cine Cubano Brum.


Volunteer for Cine Cubano..




Salsa dancing is a fun form of exercise and a great social dance.

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