Do I need a partner to attend the class?

No, you do not need a partner, there are people to dance with and we make sure the atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly.

I am a beginner with no experience, and I have 2 left feet, can I still come along?

We specialise in helping beginners learn the basics and building their confidence step by step. You can learn at your own pace with no pressure to get it perfect.

Do I need to wear special shoes / footwear?

For our beginners classes no you do not need any special footwear, you can come along in trainers or shoes however for our level 2 and intermediate lessons you should wear smooth soled shoes for doing the turns and spins but at beginner level you will only do salsa steps with technique, how to follow or lead, how to develop rhythm and understand salsa, latin or Jazz music depending on the class you are taking.

Do I need to book?

No you can just turn up but there are options to book for 4 weeks.


What are the benefits of learning to dance with Spirit Salsa?

Spirit Salsa focus is about building your confidence by teaching you technique, steps, rhythm, musicality, cultural connection to the dance to give you context and dance etiquette. All these elements will give you the skills and positive attitude to become a competent dancer. The classes are small between 10 and 12 people to ensure everyone gets attention and instruction from the award winning teacher Thomas Oflaherty, he has over 35 yrs experience of dance and has been teaching Salsa and Afro latin dance since 1997.

What styles of dance do you teach?

For Salsa we teach 3 basic styles: Cuban, New York Crossbody and Columbian Swing Latino.

For Latin Fitness we cover basics steps of Samba, Tango, Jazz, Reggaton, Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha Cha this class is good for toning and conditioning, it is a medium intensity class.

For Tap dance we teach American Style Jazz Tap which heavily focuses on Jazz rhythm, musicality and improvisation.

Is it possible to learn dance online?

The only difference between learning to dance online and learning to dance in a class or lesson with a live teacher or instructor is that there is less opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from the tutor. It is also more difficult to motivate yourself when you are at home on your own. If you can go to a dance class you should take the opportunity, you will meet new people,and this can enhance your learning experience. Is much more fun when you share the experience. Dancing for many people is a social activity and therefore its logical to want to meet people and include that as part of your social activity. For those who are normally to busy to go to regular classes they could do online dance classes and lessons. 

There are many options for learning to dance online. For example there are online courses such as Udemy, Teachable and Thinkific that offer classes online including dance.

On social media there are many online tools that allow you to connect with dance teachers and do live streamed classes with 1 person or a large group of people. Motivation for learning to dance will be the main problem when learning online unless you find a good dance course where you get to interact with a good dance teacher.

Can I teach myself to dance?

Dance is a very personal skill and some people are very adaptable when it comes to learning to dance. They can see a step or move and instantly copy and repeat the steps and moves exactly. Most people are not this talented and require a lot more repetition and instruction. Some learners require very detailed instructions whereas as some learners learn better from general and abstract teachings to understand how to dance. A tip that can help people learn to dance is if they record on video what they have learnt and then send it to a dance teacher and ask for advice on how to improve and ask for feedback. 

What is the easiest dance to learn?

The easiest dances are those dances that don’t require much coordination. Therefore a dance that only uses the arms or only uses the legs is much easier than learning a dance that requires you to use both in a coordinated way. Party dances such as the Macarena, the YMCA or the moves to the Birdi song. The Two Step is a classic social club dance that is easy to learn and looks pretty cool. The Two Step is allows you to moves your arms in any way you like and add some personality to your body movement.

How can I learn to dance fast?

You can learn to dance as fast as you like but this will reduce the quality of your learning and possibly lead to long term frustration because you may have missed some essential detailed technique. The key to learning to dance efficiently is to learn the basics and fundamental steps and movements thoroughly which requires regular practice. The adage a little and often is better than alot all in one go. Once you have learned a step or move you need to practice the steps or move with one hour and then the next day and finally with 3 days. This strategy will allow you embed the knowledge from your short term memory into your

Can I learn dance from Youtube?

Youtube is a great resource for learning to dance however there are billions of videos on Youtube which means finding the video that you are looking for will be very difficult unless you are very specific with your search term for the dance you want to learn. It is sometimes easier to search for a video on google and allow goole to suggest the best video based on your search term.

How do Beginners start dancing?

Beginners start dancing when they have the confidence to either go to a class or go out to a club or party and "get their groove on.” The key word is confidence and not worrying about people watching you or critiquing you. Many beginners won’t go to a class or club on there own and wait until their friends can join them. This gives them the confidence to dance when they are with friends or family.

How do you become a good dancer for beginners?

A good dancer is mostly a matter of style and opinion. Its very subjective but the fundamental answer is to learn technique, timing and learn to relax unless of course the dance specifically requires tension. Enjoying the experience of learning to dance is essential to your prospect of success.

How to learn to dance the basics?

Learn one step or move and practice just that step or move for one song. By the time the song is finished you should be quite comfortable with that basic first step. Then do the same with the following moves and steps. Learn everything step by step and try not to cram too much information at once. You will enjoy the experience of learning to dance much more.

How to dance for guys?

Traditionally boys don’t dance however in the last 20 years there has been a cultural revolution in dance and many more guys are starting to learn too dance. Dance was seen as a feminine characteristic and wasn’t widely promoted as a male hobby. This idea has definitely changed and men and boys are embracing dance much more. Guys can dance but normally require some encouragement to start. Initially men seem slower at learning the basics especially in partner dancing but once they have the basics they really become confident.

How to dance for girls?

In contrast to guys, girls dance a lot and it has been part of their socialisation for centuries. As a general  rule girls also seem to have better coordination and timing than guys. Its ironic that in partner dancing women traditionally follow the guys even though they seem to have better timing. 

Where can I learn to dance near me? 

You can learn to dance near you if you search for a dance school, community centre, church, community hall or fitness centre in your area. Dance classes are often offered in these venues.

Where can I learn basic dance steps for a wedding?

Wedding dace classes can be found at Latin and Ballroom dance schools. Typical wedding dances are slow such as The Waltz, The Two Step and The American Smooth. Many wedding couples like to freestyle or even have a surprise show stopping piece of choreography to wow their wedding guests..

How do you move your body naturally when dancing? 

You can learn to move your body by simply practicing the movement with or without music. Its only through practise that your movement becomes natural. Paying attention and focusing on one thing is the key to dancing naturally. Breathing in a relaxed way helps natural movement and decreases anxiety.

How can I learn to dance if I can’t hear the beat?

You can learn to dance if you focus on the main beat or rhythm in the tune or song. Listen to the first few bars of music before you start dancing. When you have a clear idea of where the first beat is then you can start dancing.  If you still have trouble finding the beat then you can try to clap to the beat. Start by clapping on the first beat of the bar which is normally 4 beats. Then return to processing your steps starting from the first beat in the bar or music.



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