Ladywood Leisure Centre

Ladywood Middleway, Birmingham B16 8TR


2pm Salsa Beginners classes

8pm Salsa Beginners classes


1pm Ballroom Dance Classes Starting with the Waltz. Absolute beginners with no experience welcome. No partner necessary.

Learn to dance basic partner dance moves and steps for salsa dancing in Birmingham.

Blue Orange Theatre

Learn to dance in Birmingham at the Blue Orange Theatre.

Sunday salsa classes ; Beginners at 1.30pm

Located next door to Tesco by the University of law in Birmingham.

1.30pm beginners salsa classes – you can just drop in and no partner needed.

2.45pm intermediate salsa class. For this class you will need smooth soled shoes to allow for turns.

Tango dance lessons for beginners. Why not try something new?

For salsa dancing You do not need any special footwear for the salsa beginners.

Tango lessons need to be booked in advance. Please email us if you have any questions. For salsa you can just turn up.

Salsa Classes

In the mood for salsa dancing? Getting fit and having fun while you do it?

Salsa Dancing classes for all levels at the Blue Orange Theatre.

118 Great Hampton St, B18 6AD

Shop - Salsa Teachers Guide Book

A teacher's guide covering everything from the origins of Salsa; different styles of salsa dancing. The book starts with my personal experience of salsa dance and explains the history of salsa from a worldwide historical view point. The book is divided into practical guidance and theoretical exercises. This book will tell you about the different ways to teach salsa, the rules and regulations you must follow and how to set-up a salsa dance school.


Salsa at the Blue Orange Theatre

Dance Experience

The director of Spirit Salsa Thomas OFlaherty was introduced to dance music including reggae and hip hop in the 1980s, he then took up training in African dance in 1992 followed by latin jazz and salsa dancing in 1994. Continued Latin dance training in 1995 with salsa, tango, samba, merengue, bachata, Cuban rumba and son. About Thomas, he Studied humanities gaining an Honours Degree in French and Spanish and later studied Russian and Chinese. He is a best selling author on dance and he was the first qualified salsa dance teacher in the UK. Thomas is very passionate about dance especially salsa dancing, tango and tap dance as well as many other styles of social dancing such as Swing, Charleston and Waltz

Book a private lesson in salsa or tango with Thomas. FREE ONLINE CLASSES


+44 793 278 8631


Blue Orange Theatre
118 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham B18 6AD

Ladywood Leisure Centre
Ladywood Middleway, Birmingham B16 8TR